Mediation is a process in which a neutral third party (mediator) assists disputing parties to settle their differences, thereby avoiding litigation or settling litigation in progress. The mediator identifies the issues in dispute between the parties, and initiates a discussion of those issues along meaningful lines. The mediator brainstorms potential resolutions with the parties, and if agreement is reached, ensures it is reduced to writing and covers all relevant items of concern. Because of the confidential nature of mediation, the names of the parties in the representative sampling of cases Mr. Tucker has mediated, described below, are not listed.

Personal injury, vehicle accident.

Claims of fraud, negligence and conspiracy relating to defendant’s management of plaintiff’s securities brokerage accounts.

Claims for breach of contract and fraud with respect to the sale of a seven unit apartment house and contiguous lot.

Claim of breach of Cooperative Remediation Agreement and Acquisition Agreement, by a Redevelopment Agency against property owner whose land had been condemned for purposes of construction of a ballpark and development of the surrounding area.

Claim of breach of contract and misrepresentation involving the sale of a truck by a car dealership to the Claimant.

Claim of attorney malpractice.

Claims of misrepresentation and fraud in the preparation of a Disclosure Statement in connection with the sale of a home.

Claims for construction defects by homeowner against developer.

Claim by Doctor for mismanagement of his stock brokerage account.

Claim by Homeowners Association against a home owner for violation of the CC&Rs.;

Claim of automobile “lemon law” violation.