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Arbitration is a less formal, less expensive and less time-consuming method than litigation in court for resolving disputes. Forms of “discovery,” such as depositions, interrogatories and requests for admissions, which are permitted in litigated matters in court, are typically not available in arbitration. An arbitrator considers the evidence presented by the parties in a private hearing and renders an award. The prevailing party may have the award “confirmed” in a court-issued judgment. Unlike cases filed in court, which are a matter of public record, arbitrations are conducted in private — one of the reasons parties choose arbitration over litigation. Due to privacy concerns, the names of the parties in the representative sampling of cases Mr. Tucker has handled as an arbitrator, described below, are not listed.

Claim for breach of a software development and support agreement, and request for injunction and turn-over of computer source code.

Breach of contract for payment of legal fees.

Homeowners’ claims against developer for defective construction of home.

Claim for breach of contract involving dissolution of a partnership and the splitting up of customer accounts.

Breach of contract action between partners involving purchase, construction and operation of multiple pizza parlors.

Claim by surgeon against insurance company for breach of contract for failure to pay appropriate reimbursement for complicated surgery.

Multi-million-dollar breach of contract action by high-tech start-up company asserting destruction of its business as a result of respondent’s alleged failure to manufacture defect-free equipment for testing Claimant’s technology.

Claims for breach of contract and accounting and dissolution of a law practice, including the sale of a law office building.

Claims for breach of operating agreement, breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, defamation and interference with prospective economic advantage between partners in connection with termination of their relationship in the operation of the securities brokerage business.

Claims for breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty and misappropriation of trade secrets with respect to the sale of a division of a biotech company which manufactured human skin for skin grafting and other medical and scientific purposes.

Claims for breach of contract and misrepresentation in connection with the performance of advertising services.

Claims for breach of contract relating to the planting and harvesting of onion seeds in Imperial Valley.

Claims for breach of contract involving the purchase and sale of an Inn in San Diego.

Claim for $10,000,000 brought by investors against bank for mismanagement of stock portfolio, asserting claims of negligence, fraud, breach of fiduciary duty and violation of federal and state securities laws.

Claim for breach of contract and interference with prospective economic advantage brought by lessee owner/operator of restaurant against landlord for bad faith refusal to permit renewal of commercial lease and sale of restaurant business.

Claim by franchisee of hair salon against franchisor for wrongful termination of franchise.

Claim for breach of contract and breach of court order concerning the amount of the acre feet of water a water district was required to provide Claimant farmer, and claims for declaratory relief concerning the interpretation of settlement agreement and the amount the water district would charge the farmer.

Claims and cross-claims by lessor and lessee for breach of commercial lease.